Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Dear Anyone Whose Reading,

Did you guess it right? Well then good job for you. I am putting off my homework just to write this blog. Just kidding, I just really don't want to do my homework. Which brings me to my first point: Procrastination. It's a very hard thing to avoid and try and push back. I once read a book that said Procrastination never fully went away but if you controlled it properly, it could be pushed back to the point where you wouldn't be tempted to procrastinate on something you know needs to be done but don't really feel like putting in the effort to do it now. You tell yourself you have all the time in the world, be it a day, two days, or a month. You tell yourself, 'Heck man, I got time. I don't feel like doing it right now.' I don't even remember how many times that saying has bit me back in the ass. I messed up so many times on important projects or outside book readings just because of what I told myself. Newsflash: Time is precious and you shouldn't waste a second of it.

However, I believe that I'm doing just that right at this very moment. I really don't want to start my homework, which consists of writing a lengthy speech because of obvious reasons: it takes too much thought and effort. Let's be honest: I'm a lazy lazy lazy person and if I could, I would put this off. But, it's homework and homework is usually due the next day and thus, I am trying to push myself to write that dang speech but instead, I settled for blogging, which is another procrastination distraction for me as you can see.

To all my fellow procrastinators out there: Good luck guys, you're gonna need it. Procrastination doesn't come without some kind of backlashes or consequences. You might just regret pushing it off and even after you regret it, you would do it again in a heartbeat sometimes.

Well, I'm gonna take my own advice and skedaddle off the Internet. I really hope that I start that speech after I post this but...that might or might not happen because I'm suddenly craving ice cream. And you can't exactly write the most well-thought out speech with ice cream. But what the hell. So remember: Don't procrastinate. But if you're gonna do it, be prepared for the results (i.e. bad grades, parent/teacher lectures, or your classmates getting ahead of you)

~Cloud Nine Resident

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